We have a new bass player! Daesik Kim has joined us with a Korean/Argentinian background just to add to the eclectic mix that is Pie.

We are gearing up to get new pics as a full band with the amazing Haldane Morris. Can't wait to update the website!

Just booked another date at the Republic of Pie. Come see us on Oct 11th 8:30-10:30pm!  More info under Shows

A few months ago we shot a music video with Glen Hansard directed by the amazingly talented Gavin Michael Booth from Mimetic Entertainment. Gavin has been busy shooting a feature film but we hope to have the video done soon! We had such an amazing time making it and can't wait for you to see it. Stay tuned!

Want some Pie?

They  say  a  perfect  pie  comes  from  the  perfect  blend  of  the  right  ingredients.  And in the case of the band Pie, the same holds true.  Pie's band mates come  from  around  the  globe  to  create  what  can   only  be  described  as  alternative  singer-­‐songwriter  music infused with  latin  &  blues. Guitar  attitude brought to you by David  Zumsteg  from  Delaware,  rhythm  and  percussion  by  L  Boogie  from  the  Virgin   Islands,  grinding  eclectic  bass  lines  by  Dae  Sik  Kim  from  Korea/Argentina, and the  uniquely  amazing  voice  and  lyrics  of  Ellie  Araiza,  from  Mexico.  Pie  blends  their  unique  style  of  music  to  create  incredibly  honest  and  real  songs,  with  a  hint  of humor thrown  in  to  keep  the  sanity  afloat.

"It's impossible to try and define what Pie sounds like, or what genre their songs fit into... The band Pie redefines musical fusion, blending a vast musical landscape to create music that's forever unique and memorable"
Jackson Truax - Music Journalist @jackatthemovies

Most recently:

Pie was invited to be a guest on the ridiculously hilarious one-of-a-kind podcast Podkward. Hosted by Emilio Rossal and Engineer Cesar, we had a chance to "shoot the poop", reveal some Pie secrets and play "Pour Me" live. You may never look at us the same again! We are on Episode 46 and also on iTunes and Stitcher. Check it out!!

Pie was featured on latalklive's The Shock Factor hosted by Shakim Williams - Episode #38

Also featured on the radio show Music You Don't Have But Should hosted by Andy Hall. Check out the March 15th show! 

Dr. Funkenberry... knows what's what in the entertainment industry. He came to our Pie Fetish and posted about it on his website!

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